Walker Mobility Scooter Rental


Recently while attending Walt Disney World my family stayed on property at the Pop Century Resort. This for us was a quick trip down over a holiday weekend. Recently in the last two months I had had Achilles heel surgery and am in a walking boot. The boot itself is nothing special and I can walk in it. But as many of you know if you go to a theme park you will end up doing a lot of walking this is where Walker mobility comes into the mix.

A month or so before our trip I starting looking for scooter options mostly because the Disney scooters in my opinion are a little expensive to rent and you can not take them back to your resort and I knew I did not want to do that much walking. Also Disney scooters are slow, I mean really slow like a turtle.


As I started looking at reviews for scooter companies and doing a lot of searching on the web I kept coming back to Walker Mobility. Now, I am a very Pooh sized guy so I new I needed a scooter that could handle all the hunny i was bringing with me. I looked at several sites but found two things that rang out to me with Walker Mobility. First, they have a scooter that has a 450 lbs. capacity called the Triple Lindy. Fans of Back to School will love this scooter. The other thing that jumped out at me is that the Triple Lindy comes in Blue and Pink. Now I know what your saying he must have reserved the blue scooter. Nope, I went with the pink scooter and here is my thinking behind it.

They see my rolling.

First, who in there right mind is going to want to rent a bright pink scooter. Well I did and it was for the fact that I knew or guessed that not many people would be renting a pink scooter. And for the record I was right we only saw 2 other  people with pink scooters whil we were at Disney for 3 days. It could have been one scooter and we saw the same person twice, but who knows.

Second is the fact that a bright pink scooter is easier to see than a dark blue one. Another nice thing about these scooters is the battery life. I was told that they would last for 16 hours but I can tell you after a full day of park hopping and scooting around, my scooter never got out of the green. The scooter runs on 2 full size car batteries. The scooter I received came with a basket on the front which was nice to put all our stuff in. It also has two cup holders and a charging station for your cell phone, as well as a cell phone holder so you can see when someone texts you while you are sitting on the scooter.

The scooter was completely water proof. We got it wet with the hurricane on the coast. There are also some accessories you can get for the scooter like a sun shade or air tank holder if needed. I found that the seat would wick the water away and even when it would get wet my bottom was dry.


The only negative I can say about the scooter has nothing to do with Walker mobility but with the builder of the scooter. The light in the front is unusable unless you like making people unhappy because when you have the front light on it blinds people by shining in their face.

I almost forgot to tell you the best thing about Walker Mobility. I would like to thank the staff. They were friendly and helpful. They communicated really well with us when renting the scooter by calling and emailing us. The day before we arrived in Orlando they called to verify we were still coming and what time we wanted the scooter delivered to our resort. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention they deliver to all Disney World Resorts. The day of as well as the day we were leaving they would call and verify our pick up time and even were able to change the time so we could get an early check out.

I can not stress how easy, kind, courtesy, and well represented the staff at Walker Mobility are. If you ware coming to the Orlando area and need to rent a scooter please look up Walker Mobility.


Walker Mobility Website



I was raise in South Florida and grew up going to Busch Gardens quite a bit. As I became older I found the love of my life my wife Stacey. Together we have one daughter and two dogs. We are season pass holders for Wald Disney World. We go Disney as much as possible while visiting out local theme park Tweetsie railroad.