Popcorn, Get your Popcorn….

Greasy fingers

One of the best things, whether you’re going to a movie or a theme park, popcorn has to be on your list. One of the best things at Disney is their popcorn bucket. Their popcorn souvenir bucket will run you 10 bucks after tax, refills are just two bucks after tax. Now some of you are saying this is outrageous, but a small container will cost you 5 bucks and you can not refill it. The refillable bucket is good for your entire length of stay, or as we found it for almost 6 months. Disney changes the color of the buckets every season. Good news is they typically keep the same colors and design for every season. Meaning the blue winter bucket I bought last year was the same bucket I bought this year. Yes, I have 2 winter buckets.

Perfect snack for the price

I love the fact that when my daughter wants a snack it only cost me two bucks and we can share. If we run out quickly which happens a lot, Disney has a popcorn booth almost everywhere. It is a great thing to stop on your way out of a park and fill your bucket. Then you have a small snack to take on your bus, boat, or tram ride. If by chance you are one of those people who like cheddar or a flavored popcorn there are a few of those vendors throughout Walt Disney World. One such place is located near figment ride at Epcot. Also, the Canada Pavilion in Epcot has maple popcorn.

Prepackaged Flavored Popcorn @ Disney

If you are like some people who need a special flavor Disney offers some pre packaged that will cost you about 6 to 7 bucks a bag. Side note: they are not very big bags but they are very tasty. You can get flavors, like caramel chocolate, kettle corn, and even birthday cake. Last time I was at Disney I believe they had about 6 or 7 varieties of popcorn.

We have the Buckets…..

Now I would be ashamed if I did not mention that Disney also has a variety of souvenir buckets. In the past year I have seen an Aliens Toy Story bucket, an R2-D2 bucket, a Sully from Monster’s Inc, a giant Mickey balloon shaped bucket, and last a Star Wars AT-AT. Most of the buckets do fall under the 2 dollar refillable bucket. But be sure to ask when you buy it.

Kettle Corn @ Dollywood

Now as I close out this article I wanted to mention the very best theme park popcorn I have found to date. Dollywood has a shop near the back of the park where they make colored kettle corn in a old fashion cast iron kettle. I mean this is the real deal. I have tried to duplicate it here at home and to no availe. So next time you are at Dollywood take a gander and find you some kettle corn, you will thank me.


I was raise in South Florida and grew up going to Busch Gardens quite a bit. As I became older I found the love of my life my wife Stacey. Together we have one daughter and two dogs. We are season pass holders for Wald Disney World. We go Disney as much as possible while visiting out local theme park Tweetsie railroad.