Napping under the Big Top at the Magic Kingdom

We found out early on with our daughter that if you plan to go all day at a theme park then you need to either go back to the hotel or find a unique place to take a nap. If you are like us and looking to save time by not going back to the hotel then we have one such place that can be found at the Magic Kingdom in the Storybook Circus area between Fantasyland and Tommorowland.

This fun little play area is behind the Tomorrowland speedway as well as past Ariel and her grotto. This area in the Magic Kingdom holds some great rides like the Barnstormer, Flying Dumbo, as  well as several character meet and greets plus it has a water area for your kid to play in on a hot day. One such place is the Big Top tent in Storybook Circus.

The Big Top tent is filled with mostly comfortable places to sit along with a charging station for your wives phone, because she has taken all the pictures today. This is the area we like to go and relax for a couple of reasons. First, this area is well shaded and has some fans so you can get out of the sun for a little while on a hot day. Second is the fact that is has couches and chairs where you can close your eye for a sec as well as let your kid rest on a couch, chair or stroller. I have only seen this place busy once in the 6 years we have been going to Disney.

My favorite thing about this area is the fact they have a store near by were you can buy a fruit icee or you can fill your refillable popcorn bucket and buy a soda. My daughter Louise loves this place to relax and watch a show on my iPad. The reason I feel that this location is so nice is the fact that it  is out of the way and most people skip Storybook Circus because it look childish. But in reality it is quite fun if you give it a chance.

Storybook Circus has two Dumbos rides, the Barnstormer coaster re-themed to The Great Goofini, the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station water play area, Pete’s Silly Sideshow and the Fantasyland Train Station, a stop on the Walt Disney World Railroad.

Where is your favorite place to rest when on property?

Photo Credit: wdwinfo



I was raise in South Florida and grew up going to Busch Gardens quite a bit. As I became older I found the love of my life my wife Stacey. Together we have one daughter and two dogs. We are season pass holders for Wald Disney World. We go Disney as much as possible while visiting out local theme park Tweetsie railroad.