Going to Disney for Something It Does Not Have

Disney has a lot to offer that makes it worth the expense of vacationing there. There are numerous rides, shows, characters, and food offerings from which to choose. But one of my favorite reasons to go, which is not typically thought of when making lists of reasons to go to Disney, is for something it doesn’t have. What would that be? Mosquitoes.

I can’t say that Disney is completely mosquito free, but in the 2 years I have been an annual passholder I have never been bitten by one on Disney property. Think of how amazing that is. Disney is right in the middle of Florida, which has a greater percentage (29%) of its land area covered in wetlands than any other state. In other words, Disney is in the middle of prime mosquito real estate.

How do they do it? Well, there is nothing official on the Disney website that I can find giving details. There are some YouTube videos talking about their vigilance, attention to detail, and even sentinel chicken flocks. But those aren’t official Disney videos.

However they do it, it is a wonderful experience to walk around outside in the middle of Florida, especially at night, and not have to constantly be swatting at mosquitoes or spraying down with repellent. It allows you to focus on the rest of the Disney magic. Think of how much better the fireworks shows at the parks are because of this. Well, actually don’t think about it. Just enjoy the show. After all, that’s what Disney really wants.

By the way, I have always wondered, if you spray a mosquito with mosquito repellent will it find itself repulsive?


I grew up in Southeastern Kentucky where everyone loves basketball. I am married to Marty and we have three daughters, two sons-in-law, one grandson, and a Japanese Bobtail cat named Luna. I didn’t get to go to my first theme park until my second daughter was four months old. We came to Magic Kingdom that year and I was hooked. We moved to Central Florida in 2017 and became annual pass holders at Disney World. Now we are in the parks almost every week. In my time here I have learned a lot about Disney, but I feel as though I have only scratched the surface. That is why I am excited about sharing the experiences and things I learn along the way. I would love to hear from you. Let me know what you want to learn about a trip to Disney. I may write a blog about it.