Breaking News: Disney Announces New Star Wars Crossover Movie With Marvel

Disney made a major announcement earlier today regarding what will be its largest movie project ever. Filming is set to start this summer on a Star Wars crossover movie with Marvel. We can’t wait to get to the details we know so far, so here is the premise of the story.

Apparently, the curse Dr. Strange put on the time stone, which was not removed before surrendering it to Thanos, caused a major malfunction with the infinity gauntlet when Thanos snapped his fingers. Instead of everyone dying, they were sent through space and time back long ago to a galaxy far, far away. The movie will detail their adventures during the time between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game.

A major surprise is that Loki survived and was transported back in time to Coruscant where he meets up with Darth Vader to become his secret apprentice. Loki is a quick learner of the dark side of the force because he wants to use the force lightning power to eventually match power with his brother, Thor. Loki and Vader soon develop plans to build a large space station capable of blowing up a planet, because the movie is set in the Star Wars galaxy and that appears to be the only way to power in that galaxy. The other various heroes are spread out throughout the galaxy and must unite to blow up the space station before it is able to destroy planets controlled by the rebellion.

Black Panther and Dr. Strange come across the plans for the space station when their time warp lands them on a ship with Princess Leia, who is fleeing with the plans. With the new heroes showing up, there is no need to put the plans in an escape pod with droids. Instead, Dr. Strange generates a portal and they all end up on Alderaan.

The members of the Guardians of the Galaxy begin the movie on the moon of Endor where Groot is worshipped by the Ewoks as a god. They will need to take down the shield generator located on the moon so the others can get to the space station to blow it up.

Peter Parker materializes on the planet of Dagobah where he is trained in the light side of the force by master Yoda. Peter requests to be trained on a planet with buildings so he can web swing, but that request is denied by Yoda. This causes Peter to struggle with being drawn to the dark side of the force.

At the end of the movie, Luke Skywalker and Spiderman head toward the space station to blow it up. Instead of piloting an X-Wing down a narrow corridor on the surface of the station to shoot a particular area, Luke drops off Spiderman on the surface of the station. Luke must then battle it out with Vader in an epic space battle of X-Wing vs Tie Fighter while Spiderman swings around on the surface of the space station using the laser turret towers, like he would buildings in New York, to find the spot to drop a bomb that will blow up the station.

Disney promises this is an entirely new story line that is not similar in any way to other Star Wars movies, or at least it’s a new way to blow up a space station. The expected release date is April Fools Day.


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