Boarding Group Return Time Changed For Rise Of The Resistance At Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Disney has reportedly made a major change to the way it does boarding groups for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Hollywood Studios. The process for obtaining the boarding groups remains the same. What has changed is the amount of time you have to return to the attraction once your boarding group is called.

Here’s how it works. The park has been opening at 7 am every morning and boarding become available on the My Disney Experience app the moment the park opens. You must be inside the park to get a boarding group. That means you need to actually be there early enough to get through security and be in the park before it opens. (Hint: If you don’t take any bags with you, you can get through security faster by not having to go through the bag check line.) Once the park opens use the app to get your boarding group and wait for your notification for boarding on the app. Typically, all of the boarding groups are full within 30 minutes of park opening.

Here’s where the change comes to the process. Typically, when you are notified on the app that it is time for your group to board you have a 2 hour window to get to the attraction. Disney has reportedly changed that to a 1 hour window. This undoubtedly will allow more guests to get a chance to experience the attraction in a day.

How does this change affect you? Not very much if you get an early boarding group. If you get one of the later boarding groups it places some limitations on what you can do to entertain yourself while you wait your turn. For instance, with a 2 hour window you could actually leave Hollywood Studios and go to Epcot for lunch with plenty of time to get back if your group is called. With a 1 hour window, I personally would not risk leaving HS for fear of missing my boarding time. That means if you are in the last boarding group of the day you could be at HS from open until close waiting your turn.

The best thing to do, which hasn’t really changed, is get to the park early and have your app open and ready to go at 7 AM.

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